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TAKAT Group consists of five people, who love to communicate with all the online tools for collaborative working. 💖

Let me introduce you our team!

Ana – Lovely girl with huge energy for doing whatever we need! Originally from France, but living in Ireland.🍀

Auktuma – This guy is as irish as you can imagine! He is from Galway and he knows Ana from the school in Ireland.🍀

Tom – Definitely someone we really appreciate to have in our team! Very helpful guy with great ideas. He is from Vietnam and the cultural difference is really inspiring! 👌

Tomas – He is from Czech Republic and is a supportive part of our team. This kind of project is totally made for him! 👏

Kate – She is also from Czech Republic and knows Tomas from same school from their country. She is creative and a great team member! 🧠

What a multicultural team! We are so lucky! 😎